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 For quite a long time, history specialists and fans have romanticized the picture of Lord Shiva. A body spread with debris, a tiger skin, a sickle moon, a snake around the neck, the third eye, tangled hair, stream Ganga moving from the hair, Mahadev Ringtones a pike in one hand, a dumroo in the other, now and then devoured in an enormous dance and now and then standing by like a stone. Alongside this, there are likewise 1008 names of God Shiva to depict his credits. 

To really get Shiva, realize that Shiva isn't restricted to three things: name, structure and time. All the more significantly, Shiva isn't an individual sitting in some spot or up in the sky. 


Shiva is Sha + ee + Va 

Sha represents Shareeram or body 

ee represents eeshwari or nurturing energy 

Va represents vayu or movement 

In this way, Shiva addresses the body with life and movement. 

In the event that the 'ee' is eliminated from Shiva, it gets diminished to sha+va = shava. 

Shava implies a dead body. Shiva is with the capability of life, though Shava is dead. 

Which carries us to the more profound agreement that Shiva is life, Shiva is potential forever, Shiva is sweeping - the all inclusive soul or cognizance. Understanding this Shiva Tattva prompts Ananda or rapture. 


The entire idea of Shiva is wonderful. Our antiquated people perfectly ordered this sublimity into three states: 

Arupa: without structure 

Rupa-Arupa: the nebulous structure 

Sarupa: with structure 

The arupa state is the place where there is no structure, shape or shading, inferring there was no space, no time, or regardless of to use to depict the arupa state. Such a state is conceivable just when the Universe has not yet been made. 

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The arupa territory of Shiva is what is past indication. These after 6 mutilations don't make a difference in this state:

Adhi - Antha: starting and end 

Sankocha - Vistara: constriction and development 

Prasarana - Abhisarana: spreading and meeting 

These attributes are material just for the showed creation. The arupa state is subsequently said to signify Shiva as Chaitanya or unadulterated awareness which exists however is still. This state is the wellspring of all Creation and all divinities owe their source to this state. Thus the name Mahadeva - the wellspring, all things considered. 

The Rupa-Arupa state is the indistinct showing into structure or structure rising up out of structure. This is a momentary state from sukshma (unobtrusive) to sthoola (net). 

The Sarupa state is the one where Shiva shows into diverse structures. Sa implies with or joined by. Hence, sarupa implies with structure or showed state. 


One of the spots which talks extravagantly about Lord Shiva is Kashmir in India. The Kashmir Shaiva thought is viewed as extremely progressed even today. It was called Trika. According to Trika, Shiva can be perceived to be of three states, consequently the name Trika. To acquire the information on it, they suggested four stages: 

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Anavopaya: training the sense of self 

Anava: reflection 

Saktopaya: creating consideration peacefully 

Sambavopaya: liberating oneself from thought 

Hence, Shiva addresses the chain from unpretentious to gross to unobtrusive and the approaches to comprehend Shiva subsequently require nuance and contemplation. 

This is accentuated through portrayal of Shiva: 

"Shivam Shantham Advaitham Chaturtham 

Manyante sa Atma Sa vigneyaha" 

(That state which is past the three conditions of waking, dreaming and resting and which pervades them everything is the thing that is Shiva and is the thing that is valuable.) 

Since this state is outside our ability to understand or doesn't have a structure that is cognizable or can be seen, it is much the same as nebulous. It tends to be alluded to as Arupa too and is regularly known as Turiya avastha, or the fourth state. In this express, the body is relaxing and the psyche is in its most noteworthy mindfulness. 

Shiva is from where everything has come, in which everything is supported and everything breaks down. This is Shiva or the Shiva Tattva. It is extremely unlikely that you can at any point get out of Shiva whenever on the grounds that the creation is comprised of Shiva. Your psyche, body, everything is produced using the Shiva Tattva. That is the reason Shiva is called 'Vishwaroopa', which implies that the whole universe is his structure.